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When most people think of dentistry, they feel a pang of anxiety. This is usually because of the pain that many patients can go through during dental procedures. Dental problems can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. In many cases, they can be excruciating to deal with, without the proper help of a reliable dentist. Patients are always encouraged by Best Dentists in Cambridge, MA to visit them as soon as the problem first occurs. Many patients, however, will end up ignoring a dental problem until the pain becomes too much to bear. This can put a strain on their health, as well as cause a health risk if the tooth in question becomes infected.

When a tooth does become infected, Dentists in Cambridge, MA will normally prescribe antibiotics and a pain reliever to help clear out the infection before doing any work. This helps prevent the infection from entering the bloodstream during the procedure, especially if the tooth is being extracted. A dentist will normally only extract a tooth when it has too much damage done to it to repair. If the tooth has less than 50% of damage, many dentists will recommend extraction and replacement since a crown cannot be placed on it. A crown requires at least 70% of the tooth to still be intact, in order to have something for it to attach to. Some dentists may use dental compounds to rebuild the tooth if a patient requests, but many will prefer the tooth be removed and replaced by an implant for health reasons.

Dental implants are a great replacement for teeth, due to the fact that their anchors act similar to a tooth’s original roots. When a person chews food, the roots of their teeth move and promote bone growth around them. This keeps their jawbones healthy. An implant’s anchor does this as well, helping to keep the bone growth going as the person chews. When teeth are replaced by dentures, the dentures themselves will wear down the jawbone below them as the patient chews. This will lead to them requiring bone grafts, later on, to rebuild the bone under the gums.

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