Find Oklahoma City Home Foundation Repair Companies

Shaky or cracked foundations are something most people do not think about when purchasing a home. Foundations built near fault lines or boggy ground are more prone to become cracked. Foundation repair is a viable service that can increase the marketability and safety of many homes. Fortunately, many homeowners can detect foundation problems before the house starts falling into the ground. There are warning signs, both interior and exterior, that hint at a bad foundation. Besides catching the signs early and saving the family, the repairs would also be less expensive.

Some interior warning signs include doors failing to latch or jamming, cracks appearing in walls or doorways near the ceiling, cracks in the flooring over a concrete floor, or windows sticking or refusing to close completely. These maddening occurrences are signs that a more dramatic change is taking place. If these inside signs are there, check the outside of the home next. One major sign is leaning walls. Check the walls with a level. The walls should be straight from top to bottom and from side to side. If the corner wall is not straight, there could be a problem with the foundation. After checking the walls, try the concrete around the perimeter. This concrete should, when poked with a screwdriver, be hard to damage. If pieces flake off, the concrete could be deteriorating.

If the home has most of these problems, it is time to call one of the Oklahoma City Home Foundation Repair Companies. These companies repair foundations and level homes using the best products out there. Most reputable businesses that specialize in Oklahoma City home foundation repair will offer a free home inspection and quote that fits the home’s repair needs.

One such repair service in Oklahoma City is American Leveling Company. It was established in 1936 and continues to be run as a family business. This company services residential, commercial, and pre-construction areas. All of the customer reviews are glowing and speak to the hardworking and efficient nature of the repairs. Besides providing a free estimate, this company educates customers by giving an overview of the warning signs that are typical when working with a faulty foundation.


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