Fighting DUI Penalties With A Criminal Lawyer In Montgomery County

Pennsylvania is classified as a no-fault state; however, this does not excuse DUI charges. The state has initiated stiff penalties to prevent these occurrences and keep all drivers safe in Montgomery County. For this reason, it is in the best interests of anyone facing these charges to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County.

DUI Penalties and Stipulations

The first DUI conviction in Montgomery County does not require any jail time. It does incur fines of up to $300. The charge does not require a license suspension. However, any DUI charge in which the offender refused to submit to chemical testing does result in the installation of an ignition interlocking device. The offender is responsible for any charges that apply to this installation. A Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County can fight to overturn these charges, if the county does not possess credible evidence.

The second conviction imposes a jail sentence of five days to six months in county lockup. The fines range from $300 to $2,500. The offender receives a one-year license suspension.

The third offense incurs a jail sentence of ten days to two years. The applicable fines begin at $500 and range up to $5,000. The offender is required to have an ignition interlocking device installed in their vehicle during the restricted driving period. A Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County can fight for a shorter suspension period to allow the offender to work or attend college.

The state imposes these penalties on drivers who are convicted. Their blood-alcohol content ranged from 0.08 to 0.15 percent. At any time that the driver refuses to submit to testing, they are assigned a license suspension based on the number of refusals on their record. The first offense incurs a license suspension of one year; additional charges incur an eighteen-month license suspension.

All drivers who are convicted with a DUI or related charges are required to maintain a SR-22 automobile insurance policy. This is in addition to standard liability and no-fault insurance. Failures to comply with these requirements lead to further penalties. Anyone facing these charges should consult a Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County to learn more about probable sentencing.

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