Favorite Wedding Bands in Dallas

Wedding bands have evolved throughout the years. No longer simply a plain gold band, these rings frequently boast diamonds and intricate designs, even for men. Wedding bands in Dallas are all about experiencing variations of design and color, and the most popular wedding bands are now as shiny and fabulous as their more favored precursor, the engagement ring. Many women opt to only wear their wedding band on a daily basis, making the choice more important than ever. Consider the following styles when making your decision.

Micro diamond bands

Micro diamond wedding bands are popular in Dallas because they look great on their own. If a woman chooses to leave her engagement ring at home while working out or running errands, the micro diamond band doesn’t have to be bland. It can be outfitted with colored diamonds or on a rose gold band to give it a feminine touch. Micro diamond bands work well with solitaire and princess engagement rings.

Emerald bands

Emerald bands are for women who enjoy being noticed. These bands are comprised of many emerald diamonds and exude high glamour. If your wedding ring is on the tame side, an emerald band can spice things up. Emerald wedding bands are popular for those who do not plan to wear their engagement ring regularly after the wedding. They tend to be popular among more mature brides who might have already owned various types of wedding bands in the past.

Titanium bands

Titanium bands are a new favorite wedding band choice among men in Dallas. They are generally considered masculine and strong, which has made them grow in popularity in recent years. Titanium bands have a gunmetal color and look great in large widths for men with large hands. Many prefer to have something engraved on the inside of a large titanium band.

Multi-colored diamond bands

Multi-colored diamond bands have become popular because they allow a bride with a very simple or traditional ring to toy with a trendier look. Multi-colored diamond wedding bands are typically white diamonds combined with one other color, such as white-and-canary or white-and-black. You can also consider using another gemstone such as a sapphire or ruby. Sapphire is exceptionally popular right now due to Kate Middleton’s recent inheritance of Princess Diana’s sapphire wedding ring.

Trinity or rolling rings

Trinity—or rolling—rings make great wedding bands for both men and women in Dallas. Men typically choose solid gold, while women choose micro diamonds on one of the three bands or on all three bands. This style of band was created by Cartier, but can be purchased by other designers. A custom piece made to look like this ring is also an option.

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