Exploring Culture from the Hotels in Long Beach, California

One of the things that is interesting and brings dimension to an area is the culture impact. The hotels in Long Beach California, will put the traveler within walking distance of multiple cultures for entertainment, food and art. What this means to visitors to the Long Beach area is he or his family does not need to go to Mexico, Italy or Ireland to experience those countries and cultures.

From Culture to Culture

First culture to consider is the Long Beach culture, which is simply ghetto fabulous bespeaking clearly of the past to the present. That culture marks its people, its nightlife and its entertainment. The hotels in Long Beach, California will allow the visitor to be in close touch with technology and an obsession with Hollywood not to be equaled.

From heavy Mexican flavor in foods, entertainment and simply their way of life, the tourist will be able to walk into a restaurant and enjoy the unique smells and tastes of authentic Mexican. The tourist eager to drink in a genuine Irish Pub, can do just that at K.C. Branaghan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant and enjoy Guinness on tap. The next night, the entire family can enjoy Italian cuisine at the Ristorante da Vinci on East Spring St. Pasta is fun for the entire family, and mom and dad can enjoy some Italian wine.

From Music to Music

From bagpipers to genuine folk music from Europe, the vacationer will experience it all from the hotels on Long Beach, California. What a special treat it would be to hire a soloist for the special lady in your life. The soloist could be an expert on the piano, the guitar, the bagpipes or the clarinet. What about dancing in the street as the harpist plays personal favorites? Talking about culture, there is a Columbian artist with a one man band to entertain the tourist all evening.

Local Culture

The hotels in Long Beach, California, are in the center of the second busiest container port and the world’s largest shipping port so by all rights, it can claim maritime status. Shipping and ports may not be the first interest of the tourist, but if interested in local culture, it will be. Indigenous peoples have inhabited the area for thousands of years, but when the Spanish explorers arrived, they created three main settlements, which continue to influence the area culture.

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