Evaluating Your Injuries With A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Williston, ND

Motorcycle victims may face an unnecessary bias when filing a claim after an accident. The reason for this is the stigma placed on motorcycle riders and the safety of these motor vehicles. This could cause further conflict, when attempting to prove an automobile driver liable in these cases.

The First Factor to Consider

In most states, including North Dakota, motorcycle riders are required to wear protective gear. This includes a state-approved helmet and eyewear. They are further required to use their headlights in daytime hours. A failure to comply with these vital traffic laws could reduce the settlement offered to these victims. If you fulfilled these requirements and were injured, you should contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Williston ND for assistance.

How The Accident Occurred

The circumstances surrounding the accident are equally important. The officer who filed the crash report identified which party was at fault. However, in some instances, it ‘s hard to determine fault in a motorcycle accident without clear evidence and an eyewitness. Traffic laws are in place to protect motorcycle riders by identifying maneuvers that are potentially dangerous.

Lane splitting is one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents. The reason for this is that it reduces visibility on the road. This could lead to an accident based solely on the fact that the other driver didn’t see the motorcycle near them. In North Dakota, this is considered a moving violation. If you shared the fault in your injuries due to a moving violation, you should consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Williston ND to evaluate your case.

Arriving at a Settlement Value

Unless the defendant doesn’t own any assets beyond their automobile, the settlement is determined by the nature and severity of the victim’s injuries. When the defendant doesn’t have assets, it is likely that the settlement will not exceed that which is identified in the respondent’s auto insurance policy. The coverage for the liabilities associated with the accident, and the injuries depend on the type of policy they hold.

Motorcycle riders must proceed with caution when traveling on the main roadways, especially. Road conditions could also attribute to an accident along with the actions of other motorists. If you were injured, contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney today to represent you.

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