Essential Factors When Choosing Fall Protection Harnesses

Safety equipment is a priority on the job, and for a very good reason. Each component of anything from lifelines and anchorage to fall protection harnesses need to be carefully selected to provide maximum protection as well as ease of use.

As a company, it is essential to not only buy the best harnesses out there, but to also provide training for all employees on correct use of all safety equipment. Assuming that the equipment is being fitted and used correctly is a mistake, and many employees are not going to feel comfortable in asking how to use the device.

Proactively completing a full training of all employees in the use of safety equipment, and then also training all new hires should be part of standard policies. A quarterly or semi-annual refresher training is also a good idea just to keep safety in everyone’s mind.

Comfort and Ease of Use

A very important
consideration when choosing fall protection harnesses is comfort for the wearer as well as ease of getting the harness on and off. When the equipment isn’t comfortable, it is more likely that harnesses will not be correctly fastened or incorrectly used.

One issue to consider is the one size fits all type of harness. These harnesses typically have standard adjustments to a minimum and maximum size. There are other harnesses that are designed to adjust fully to virtually any body size and shape. These models and designs will be very comfortable to wear while also allowing a free range of movement, essential for being able to work and move on the job.

Extra Features

The best fall protection harnesses have extra features to add both safety as well as practical aspects to the design. For example, extra padding over the pressure areas of the harness, webbing to distribute weight, options for leg strap connectors and even wicking fabric to help to keep the area of the body under the harness cool and dry are all additional features that add to comfort as well as safety.

Lanyard keepers, a quality dorsal D-ring that is easy to connect to the fall arrest system and even the type of quick connect buckles on the harness can add to the versatility and wearability of the safety device.

Fall arrest systems, including the choice of a harness, should be carefully considered. Having the best equipment will make it easier to train and educate workers about the importance of the systems. It will also make it easier for everyone to consistently use the safety harnesses all day and every day they are on the job.