Emergency Dental Services in Westbury, NY Are a Great Compliment to Regular Dental Care

Mouth pain can have a few different causes. In many instances, pain is triggered by a cavity that is ignored to the point it gets infected. An infection in the mouth needs immediate attention. However, most dental offices are only open during regular business hours. When a person has tooth pain that keeps them from sleeping at night, they need to find an emergency dentist fast. Fortunately, there are some great dentists in the area that offer emergency treatment in the evening and on weekends specifically for people in this situation.

When patients are in pain and can’t wait a week for an appointment with their dental provider, they need a dentist that offers emergency dental services in Westbury NY. In an urgent situation, a skilled dentist can treat the problem and schedule follow-up care for a later date. For example, if there is an infection, the dentist might prescribe antibiotics to treat it and then either fill the cavity, give root canal therapy or extract the tooth after the affected area is healed. This will give a patient immediate relief and a date for the issue to be fully addressed.

In an emergency, it is essential for a patient to schedule an appointment right away, so the problem doesn’t get worse. Cavities do not get better over time. They often get larger and, even if they don’t hurt anymore, cause a need for more extensive dental work. What may start out as a minor cavity may result in root canal therapy if the cavity isn’t filled immediately.

Patients who don’t have a relationship with a dentist should schedule a checkup and cleaning after they receive emergency dental services in Westbury NY. Getting teeth cleaned twice a year is the best way to prevent toothaches and other oral health problems. Many dental insurance policies cover these twice-a-year exams with a minimal charge to the patient. Those who have to pay for the service out of their own pockets typically feel like the cost is worth it since they don’t have to worry about expensive dental treatments resulting from neglecting their teeth and gums.

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