Emergency Care- How to Treat Retina Detachment in Palm Beach Gardens

Are you suddenly seeing floaters and having blurred vision? It is something you should not ignore because you may have a retina detachment Palm Beach Gardens tear. You should see your doctor immediately. The worse case scenario is losing your sight. Read on to find out about your treatment options for this medical emergency.

Advancement in Treatment

Most ophthalmologists recommend surgery to repair retina detachment Palm Beach Gardens, tear, or hole. When a retina develops a tear or hole, your doctor will need to prevent separation and preserve your vision. However, surgery is not the only option, because of the advancement of technology in the medical field.


Vitreolysis is a non-invasive procedure that gets rid of the visual disturbance that causes the floaters. It uses nanosecond pulses of laser light to vaporize the hyaluronin and collagen molecules. This procedure will either remove the floaters or reduce them to a size that does not affect your vision.


Freezing or cryopexy is a procedure that applies a freezing probe to the outer surface of your eye. This probe goes over the tear and causes a scar to form, which helps to secure the retina to the eye wall. You also have to get a local anesthetic for cryopexy, and this procedure is pain-free.

It helps to talk to your doctor about the risks, recovery, and benefits of the different treatment options. Your doctor can help you find the best treatment plan for you. Contact Retinal Eye Care Associates at retinaleyecare.com for an appointment today.

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