Emergency Bail Bonds in Minneapolis, MN Get People Out of Jail Quickly

Every person is presumed to be innocent until a judge or jury says otherwise. So when a defendant calls to apply for Bail Bonds they should expect to be treated with respect and courtesy. Emergency Bail Bonds in Minneapolis, MN allow a defendant to leave jail and continue with their life. This permits them to work and continue supporting their family. It also allows them to help their lawyer prepare the best defense possible. Jail is also a very unpleasant place, so people want to get out as soon as possible.

When people apply for Emergency Bail Bonds in Minneapolis, MN, they have to understand that bail is imposed to make sure that they appear whenever the judge says they have to. If they don’t appear, then the Liberty Bail Bonds company will have to forfeit the money that it put up for the bail. Normally the judge gives them time to find the defendant and return them to custody. Therefore the bail application contains the information that will be needed to find the defendant. It s a felony to lie on the application or to leave out any important details. Lying on an application for bail can lead to the defendant’s bail being revoked.

The defendant will have to give their real name and address as well as any street names or aliases they have used. The bail bond agent will take a picture of their face and any tattoos that they may have. That’s because it’s harder to change tattoos than it is to grow a beard or change a hairstyle. They will also have to list any family members that live nearby, their romantic interests and close friends. If they fail to appear in court, these are the places where the bail bond agent will begin looking for them.

Once on bail, they can expect their bail bond agent to stay in close contact with them. Defendants will usually get a phone call reminding them of their court date. Often a bail bond agent can be very helpful if the defendant has any questions about the process. They may even drive them to court if they need a ride.

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