Electric Heating Where You Need it Most

Electric wall heaters are ideal when installed in those areas of your home that either are unheated or require additional heat at certain times. The areas that most often fall into these categories are the front and rear entrances into your home and the bathrooms and laundry rooms. These heaters provide a much needed temperature boost when you first come in out of the cold, when you step out of the shower on a bitter cold morning and the couple of times a week when you do the laundry.

Electric wall heaters are normally installed close to the floor, as heat rises this allows the heater to heat the entire space. This is a superior method to using a combination light, fan, heater arrangement which is ceiling mounted.

Electric wall heaters can either be mounted in a cavity between the wall studs or mounted flat onto the wall. When the heater has been recessed it does not take up as much space but even at that, these units are thin. The heating components are all enclosed in a metal box, including the electric controls. Depending on the size of the unit in watts, they can either be plugged into an existing circuit or if the wattage is too high, they may need a new dedicated circuit.

The electric wall heaters that are produced today take full advantage of new technology which results in more heat for less money. The controls vary the wattage and the fan speeds; this combination of finite control allows the room temperature to be set at the desired temperature, the control then optimizes the heat needed.

Recessed electric wall heaters are usually rated as low as 750 watts up to 1500 watts. The large wattage units; either recessed or wall mounted require a 240 volt circuit, the small wattage units can comfortably run on 120 volts. Some units have a built in set of controls and thermostat, others are wired to a wall mounted control. In all cases, wall mounted heaters are convection, not radiant. A convection unit uses an integral fan to move the heat around the space.

An electric wall heater can be a great addition to a home. Wherever there is a cold spot, the problem can be easily and quickly solved.

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