Education Is Needed to Help Overcome Painful Bullying in Las Vegas

Bullying hurts. And it is not until people understand just how painful bullying can be that they realize the need for a bullying prevention campaign. Bullying, especially when it is done against children, can have serious and long-lasting consequences.

When a kid is bullied, they often have long-term physical, social, and mental health issues. These can include devastating conditions like anxiety and depression. Bullied kids feel lonely and sad. They often have increased health complaints. Bullying can cause a person to lose interest in the things they used to love. Bullied children may exhibit changes in their sleeping patterns and their eating patterns.

When a child is bullied, they may miss school or even drop out of school, especially if school is where they are being bullied the most. The need for a bullying prevention campaign is further seen when you realize that kids who are bullied are more likely to fall into dangerous habits, like alcohol and drug abuse and smoking. They are more likely to get involved in fights and destroy property. Bullied children have higher rates of criminal convictions and traffic citations. The fact that they were bullied may lead to them to abuse their partners or children.

Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to stop bullying. This includes identifying dangerous behavior and taking steps to stop it.

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