Eco-Friendly Nylon Coating

Powder coating is often the finishing method of choice. One major reason behind this is its overall environmental friendliness. However, even powder coating can become greener. Green or sustainable chemistry is working hard to accomplish this. Since the 1990s, chemists and other scientists have been working diligently and tirelessly to provide finishing companies and other manufacturers with greener products and processes. One of the more recent developments is a green nylon coating.

Nylon coatings

Nylon powder coatings have a purpose. They are applied as a finishing coat to a variety of components and products to promote certain characteristics. They improve the substrate surface by providing all or some of the following:

 * High quality corrosion protection
 * Excellent mechanical strength and elasticity
 * Resistance to high heat
 * Good chemical resistance including fats, oils, saline solutions
 * Protection against the effects of the aging process
 * High wear resistance
 * Absorbs sound and vibration
 * Outstanding resistance to stress cracking
 * Aesthetically pleasing
 * Low friction surface

Green Chemistry and Nylon Coatings

Through its work, green chemistry hopes to reduce and even eliminate substances that are hazardous to any living being. One specific area they work with is the field of green polymers. In the case of nylon, chemists will utilize a natural source (castor bean) to produce the product. The principles green chemistry applies include the following:

 * The finished product must have a high percentage of raw material
 * The production process must feature no waste i.e. be “clean”
 * Additional substances are not to be included
 * Efficiency in the production methods is a must
 * The methods must employ both renewable resources and energy
 * There must be no negative environmental or health hazards
 * Safety standards have to be high
 * The process and the product must feature a low carbon footprint
 * The entire lifecycle, including waste recycling must be controlled, effective and efficient

For a nylon coating to be truly green, it must conform to these principles. The latest version, Rilsan ® Nylon 11, fulfills many of these specifications. It does so without affecting tis ability to perform the qualities desired by companies. In other words, it provides the desired protection against specified elements while being gentle on the environment.

Eco-Friendly or Green Nylon Coating

A powder coating is generally a thin application of a material to enhance certain properties. It is a component of the finishing process common to many industries. A nylon powder coating is an effective way to provide the product or part with weatherproofing as well as imbuing the substrate product with other desirable characteristics. A green nylon coating also accomplishes this purpose while further decreasing the overall impact of chemical products on the environment.

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