DWI Tips And Why You Should Be Represented By An Attorney in Royse City TX

Texas police officers are trained to recognize common signs of impaired driving. If an officer witnesses you swerving, driving more than 10 miles an hour below the speed limit or stopping without cause, you may be pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. The officer will ask you questions when they approach your car to try to determine if you have been drinking. It is important to limit the information you give police because what you say will likely be recorded and used against you at your trial. Though the police are not obligated to allow you to talk to an attorney in Royse City, TX until after you are arrested and processed, it is okay to ask for an attorney during any stage of of DWI.

Police officers typically ask drivers suspected of DWI to take field sobriety tests. These tests are subjective and if you choose to participate in the tests, the results will certainly be used against you to help the police build their case. It is perfectly legal for you to decline to take field sobriety tests. On the other hand, refusing to take a blood alcohol test can be used against you. By refusing the test, your license will be immediately suspended and your refusal may be used as evidence of your guilt. Though police officers generally don’t tell DWI suspects, you are entitled to request an independent blood alcohol test after you take the one given by the police. Your attorney in Royse City, TX can give you more information about how to get an independent test.

If you decide not to take the blood alcohol test, your lawyer can help you request an administrative hearing before the Texas Department of Public Safety to prevent your license from being suspended. You will only have a limited time to request the hearing so it is important to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible after a DWI arrest. The sooner your attorney gets your case, the more they can help you keep your license and possibly avoid a DWI conviction on your record. For more information, visit Law Office of Tim Hartley.

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