Duct Cleaning in Dunedin Can Provide You With a Healthier Indoor Environment

As the seasons change, it’s time to have the heating system inspected to make sure that it’s up and running efficiently. Going from the hot weather to the colder temperatures outside can mean a drastic change inside of your home too. As the heater starts being used, it will create drier air, as well as stir up dust that has accumulated in the system. A good way to avoid inhaling the stale, dusty air is to have Duct Cleaning in Dunedin done before the switch from AC to heat becomes a necessity.

Changing from cooling your home to heating it brings many unforeseen problems. Allergens that have made their way indoors during the spring and summer can start to multiply once they are in the warmer environment of a heated home. Since both the heating and cooling systems constantly send the same shared air back through your vents, over time the vents can become a haven for dust, pollen and other debris to accumulate in. This can increase the level of indoor pollution in your home, which may lead to respiratory issues and allergy attacks if not addressed. There are many duct cleaning companies who claim that they will remove the dust from the vents, but it’s important to chose a company that cleans all of the components including the intake vents, the return air ducts, the grilles and diffusers, all of the heating and cooling coils, the fan housing and motor, the drip pans and the air handling unit housing. It’s an extensive process, but necessary in order to remove all of the harmful particles within the system. If any part is not cleaned during the process re-contamination will begin, negating what was cleaned.

Once the system has been thoroughly cleaned by a Duct Cleaning in Dunedin company, the technician may ask if you want a chemical treatment applied that will kill any microbiological contaminants remaining in the vents and the other components. This is optional, but many people opt to have it done. The technician may also suggest having a sealer applied to the inside of the vents and equipment that will encapsulate them with a new inside surface which will reduce mold growth.

Thoroughly cleaning the HVAC system can provide healthier air for the occupants to breathe. It can also extend the life of your system, since a clean unit will run more efficiently and save money too.