Duct Cleaning can be the Perfect Solution for Dunedin Venilation Systems

Many people take furnaces and air conditioners for granted, but these machines and their associated systems need some maintenance in order to keep them running well. Most homeowners are familiar with the need to change filters, but other forms of maintenance are often ignored. Some of these should be standard seasonal procedures, while others are usually done on an as-needed basis.

Routine Maintenance

Most professionals recommend that furnaces and air conditioners be cleaned and tuned at least once a year. Typically, this is done before the start of the relevant season. This type of maintenance is done to increase efficiency and prevent problems.

Occasional Maintenance

Repairs are the most obvious example of this category, but there are other things that should occasionally be done. One of these things is duct cleaning in Dunedin. Cleaning ducts that are otherwise fine can remove built-up dust or other debris. In most cases, however, it is best done to help eliminate a problem. For example, a leak can allow water to get into the ductwork. When this happens, mold can begin to grow inside the ducts. This will then spread allergens or a bad smell throughout the house whenever the furnace or air conditioner runs. Solving this problem is easy. First, the leak needs to be fixed so more water can’t get into the ducts. Then, Duct Cleaning needs to be done to eliminate the mold and remove the smells.

Another reason to get duct cleaning in Dunedin is to get rid of insects, mice, or other vermin that have taken up residence in the ventilation system. Vacuuming them and their nesting materials out will get rid of their filth, allergens, and associated smells along with the pests themselves. Pesticides can then be applied to keep more unwanted creatures from moving in. Alternatively, screening can be used to protect the ducts from re-infestation.

Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning is able to handle all repair and maintenance needs for furnaces, air conditioners, and ductwork. If your system isn’t working exactly the way it should, give them a call. Their quality heating and air conditioning services will get everything running perfectly once again.

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