Dryer Vent Cleaning in MN Can Prevent a Fire

Dryer vent cleaning in MN is necessary in the Midwestern state as it is in other locales as the lint that collects in the vents can cause a house fire. According to the U.S. Product and Safety commission, approximately 15,500 fires have been associated with clothes dryers as well as 370 injuries and 20 fatalities. Cleaning is necessary for safety as it is for reduced utility consumption. If the vents are clogged with lint, it causes the appliance to work harder, all which causes more energy to be consumed.

Keep Your Family Safe

Therefore, it is important to make dryer vent cleaning in MN a priority, not only for the safety of your family but also for reducing the cost on your utilities. The frequency in which you choose to clean your dryer will depend on the distance that lies between the outside vent and the appliance, and whether the pipe for the vent leads out of the side or through the roof of your home. Dryer vent cleaning in MN should occur at least annually to ensure that your home is properly ventilated and to reduce the incidence of allergies.

While the process of cleaning dryer vents is fairly fast, you still need to use the right equipment in order to facilitate the process. To determine how many times per year your dryer vents should be cleaned, ask yourself some salient questions.

What’s the Distance Between the Outside Wall and Dryer?

For example, about how much space lies between the outside wall and the dryer. Would you say it measures one to five feet, five to 15 feet or more than 15 feet? The larger the span, then the more times each year you will need to seek service. You also want to figure the length of the duct between the dryer and the outside wall by the same measurements.

How Much Do You Use Your Dryer?

You also want to determine how many times you use your dryer in a day or week. Would you say it is used a great deal or fairly infrequently?
Also, count the turns in the ducting. Are there 1, 2, 3 or more turns? Next, write down the type of dyer. Is it a full size dryer or is it a stack-type unit?

Where does the vent exit the home – at the side or through the roof?

Needless to say if you are seeking dryer vent cleaning in MN, you have a lot to consider before you contact a service to clean your dryer’s vents. Tell the technician about the details of the vent system before you begin.

It is important to make dryer vent cleaning a priority, not only for the safety of your family but also for reducing the cost on your utilities.

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