Drowning in Medical Bills? Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Harrisburg

People in their Twenties and Thirties are more likely than any other age group to have to declare bankruptcy because of a cancer diagnosis. They don’t have the financial assets or support structure to adequately cope with the often drawn-out and expensive cancer treatment process. Anyone who finds themselves with this dread diagnosis, who doesn’t think they have the financial resources should speak with a Bankruptcy lawyer Harrisburg immediately.

The lawyer will review all of the debt that the person faces and how bankruptcy will help. A person in this age group might well have a huge amount of student loans. They should understand that student loans aren’t canceled during the bankruptcy process. Neither are child support responsibilities. However, working with a Bankruptcy lawyer Harrisburg advocate a sick person can evaluate their financial situation. Bankruptcy may cancel many other payments and free up cash for insurance premiums and other required expenses. A cancer patient might feel physically awful. A lawyer can do the leg work and file the papers that they might not have the strength for.

A good lawyer will also know about Social Security disability payments and be able to recommend other cash flow options. They’ll know how to file a bankruptcy proceeding and an application to the Social Security administration, without jeopardizing the sick person’s standing in either venue. But what the sick person has to remember that the bankruptcy process is established with the mindset of getting as much for the creditors as possible. They will have to determine which portion of the bankruptcy law best protects their home, car and other personal assets.

If the person is divorced and paying alimony or child support, it is probably time to renegotiate the divorce agreement. While many people believe that these payments are determined by a formula that won’t be reconsidered, a Bankruptcy lawyer Harrisburg can often get the court to amend them. Judges don’t have the right to make a person miss medical treatment to pay alimony. A person can only declare bankruptcy once in a specified time period. So if they don’t look at their entire financial picture, they may not achieve the financial solvency that they need to fight their cancer battle.

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