Doors and Stalls

In designing a bathroom with partitions in a commercial setting it is necessary to know the material you would like the partitions made of. Does the bathroom partition need to be made for residetial, industrial or commercial use? There are baked enamel partitions, plastic laminate, solid plastic and steel bathroom partitions. The layout needs to be decided upon as well. Some bathroom partitions are so small it is impossible to get in or out with out side stepping. Another thing to consider when thinking about bathroom partitions is whether you want to make the stall user friendly for women, men or family use. Women usually would appreciate a place to hang their purse, or jacket or both. Men would only need a hook for their jacket. Now when you need to bring children into the bathroom it is especially nice when there are all of these accessories plus the disposable seat cover. Ample room should be a cause for consideration so that you don’t feel as if you were an acrobat. Handicap access is a very important stall to add into the layout where a disabled person or a parent with a child in a stroller has enough space to fit safely and comfortable. Grab bars and placement of the grab bars are also something that needs to be planned. You may consider using a corner layout, a paneled layout or a partition with doors. Find the right distributor that can offer you the most for your dollar.

Bathroom Partitions South Jersey takes all of these things into consideration. Communication is key to whomever is planning your layout as well as the experience in deciding key elements in bathroom partition planning. You need someone that is experienced in building bathroom partitions in a park setting, residential, office or school setting. An easy to maintain, easy to repair and any partitions that are pleasing to the eye is important in the planning stages to discuss with the distributor and installer. Get the most for your space, comfort and convenience and of course the best that will fit your budget and needs.