Does a No Water Urinal Make Sense for My Restroom?

One of the most revolutionary technologies in water conservation is the no water urinal. These no flush urinals use no water; yet dispose of urine as efficiently as other urinals. If you’re considering installing these in your restrooms, you may wonder just how these work without using water. Here are some things to know about no water urinals from the original manufacturer.

  • No water urinals take advantage of gravity. All toilets and urinals use gravity to move urine through the plumbing system, and no water urinals are no exception. Urine flows easily into your sewer system. Your drain is equipped with an “EcoTrap” that inserts into the drain.
  • There is no smell of urine in these urinals. Urine passes through a product known as “BlueSeal” as it flows down the drain. This product forms a barrier layer that prevents smell from coming back up into the restroom. The BlueSeal is a liquid that must be replaced every 1500 uses. It is completely biodegradable.
  • Any sediment from the urine remains in the EcoTrap, which is also replaced periodically.
  • No water urinals are extremely clean and sanitary. Replacing the BlueSeal and EcoTrap take very little time, and do not require that you touch the trap in either case.
  • Keeping a non-flushing urinal clean simply requires wiping down periodically, in addition to replacement of the above-mentioned products. There is far less bacteria in these urinals because of the absence of water, which causes bacteria to grow. In addition, because these urinals don’t flush, there is no release of bacteria into the air.
  • Non-flushing urinals also require less plumbing than traditional urinals. When installing, there are no flush water supply lines or flush valves, because there is no flushing!

Does This Urinal Make Sense for My Restroom?

There are really no downsides to switching out your existing urinals for non-flushing urinals. Installation is fast and easy, so you won’t see a big charge from your plumber. These are extremely cost effective to operate, as well. The only maintenance is replacing the EcoTrap two to four times each year, depending upon usage, and replacing the BlueSeal every 1500 uses. These replacement products are inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of supplying water to your urinals.

Choose your brand of no water urinal carefully. The original product is still the best, and is the only one that uses the EcoTrap and BlueSeal technologies. Other products that mimic the design do not have appropriate features to prevent odor.

Resource: The original no water urinal is available only from Waterless. We are the inventor of this technology and the only company with our patented BlueSeal and EcoTrap technology to ensure no odor in your restroom.

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