Do You Really Feel Your Flooring At Home In Reno, Nevada?

If you are of the habit of wearing shoes or slippers when inside your Reno home; maybe the only time you get a tactile sensation from your floors is that fist tentative step when arising from bed and searching for the footwear that you discarded last night. If that is the case; you are more likely to select the flooring and/or floor coverings in your house on functionality and visual appearance grounds (within budgetary restraints). However, many people who like to pad around their home with bare feet; may pay more attention to the “feel” of the floor rather than its visual impact within the room; although, even they have budgets and must consider how the purpose of the room affects the choice of flooring.

Hardwood Floors

The term “hardwood” is often used: but, what does it actually refer to? Pedantically, a hardwood need not be hard; in fact, balsa wood (as used in modeling) is a hardwood when the term is used to describe the genus of tree from which the wood derives. Scientifically, hardwoods come from non- monocotyledon angiosperm trees; whereas softwoods (which include pine) come from gymnosperm trees and, although the structure of the wood can be different; the difference between hard and soft woods mainly relates to the type of seed (nuts) that the tree produces.

But; enough of the botany lesson; let’s get our feet back on the floor as it were. Aspen, Beech, Birch and Elm are but some of the examples of hardwood trees found in temperate climates with the likes of Teak, Mahogany or Ironwood coming to us from the tropics. Any of these (and all the others) could be used for our hardwood flooring in Reno, NV. In the past, thick, continuous “planks” of the wood sawn straight from the tree trunk would be laid down as flooring; however, disappearing forests and rising costs have meant that, today, the majority of hardwood flooring will be in what is known as engineered hardwood. This is a factory made product where a layer of the “real” hardwood is laminated on top of a cheaper substrate. The surface still looks correct – because it is real – but, the dimensions can be more regulated and total installation costs are much less than they would be for a 100% solid hardwood floor.

If you are looking for engineered hardwood flooring in Reno, NV; you need look no further than Functional Designs of Nevada; they are bound to have just what you want.

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