Do You Need a New Website or a Website Redesign?

Have you noticed a decrease in website visitors to your business or personal site? Have you tried linking back to your site through social media and still not seen results? Are you concerned that your website is no longer effective at attracting new clients? If so, you need to evaluate whether you need a whole new website or simply a redesign of your current site.

A website is static, which means that the content doesn’t change frequently. Unless you have an integrated blog within your website that has frequent updates, your site may be pushed further and further down the search engine results pages. Eventually, it can become near impossible for a prospective client to find your website without the use of exact keywords or the website address. A company that specializes in web design in Rhode Island can evaluate your website and determine if you need a complete overhaul or just a simple redesign.

Signs You Need a Website Redesign

A redesign is the process of working with the current look and feel of your site but updating it for current users. If your website has a dated look, it’s time to redesign with new graphics. If you haven’t updated your site within the last decade, then most likely the look and feel of your site is outdated and doesn’t do anything to attract visitors.

You also need to have a company that specializes in web design in Rhode Island look at the navigation of your site. Technology changes frequently, and that includes the speed at which visitors can navigate around your site. If your page is slow, you will lost potential clients who don’t have time to wait for pages to load. Basically, if your website doesn’t appear current, it’s time for a redesign.

Signs You Need a New Website

Sometimes the best option is to take down your current website and start from scratch. Has your business changed since you created the first site? Are your competitors showing up at the top of the search engines while you’re hidden on the third or fourth page? Does you website have the mobile capabilities it needs for visitors to view your site on smartphones or tablets? If your website needs a complete overhaul, then it’s best to let a web design company in Rhode Island create a brand new site that will attract visitors and get you the search engine rankings you need.

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