Divorce Attorneys in Hartford, WI Can Make Your Divorce Experience Less Difficult

Divorce is usually an ugly and contentious experience because emotions are running high by the time the issues reach the divorce level of a conflict. Divorce doesn’t have to be such a terrible experience, although in the best divorce there are hurt feelings and anger. However, divorce attorneys in Hartford, WI can help mitigate much of the hostility and emotional fallout.

The most difficult divorce is a divorce where minor children are involved and the assets of the marriage are many and varied. It is important to have an experienced divorce attorney help you sort out the answers to many question which arise.

The care of the minor children is often an issue. Who has custody or is joint custody requested and opposed? Who pays for the children’s health insurance? Can a husband’s retirement benefits be split, or can the spouse get a share of the benefits? Will the spouse receive alimony? How much child support will be awarded? Who pays for the children’s extra needs such as braces and school tuition? Visitation rights are most always an issue.

Divorce attorneys in Hartford, WI can diffuse many of these arguments by advising the spouses that they need to cool off and listen to what the law will allow rather than pursue some course the law will not allow. Many spouse have the mistaken belief that they can demand what they want and the court will give it to them. Many people have read the stories about a Hollywood divorce resulting in the spouse walking away with millions, but that is only because there was many millions to split. No one should look at celebrity divorces as examples of the type of settlement they can expect to get.

The judge may have some leeway in making certain decisions and particularly when the best interests of the children are involved. Perhaps one spouse is severely disabled and ongoing medical care may be required. There may be open questions which need to be resolved, but an experienced divorce attorney can do this and a lot more to make the divorce a less contentious experience. Hetzel and Nelson LLC are experienced and well qualified to handle any divorce. Consider them if you need to discuss your situation.

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