Distracted Driving Calls for Car Accident Attorney in Tulsa

The unfortunate facts are that the new reliance on technology has made us all more dependent on our cellular phones and tablets. With cellular technology giving rise to the “smart phone”, now we can also watch and make films on our phones, get scores, read newspapers, and create alerts and reminders. There is just about no end to what can be done through an application on these devices. Certainly texting has become the preferred method of communication, instead of making a quick phone call. Unfortunately there are those who just want to send a quick text, or text a “quick reply” while behind the wheel causing all kinds of accidents and even senseless fatalities. Though with the American sprit of “right now” as it is, it’s not likely to change. And when you’re involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver you should contact a car accident attorney in Tulsa.

Though this dangerous trend continues to rise, statistics show it is a deadly activity. Take for instance the experience on the road of semi-tractor trailer drivers. They are professional drivers who spend an average of 9-10 hours a day behind the wheel on the highways five days a week all year. With all that experience a study was conducted at Virginia Tech University that resulted in the truck drivers raising their crash probability by twenty three times that of undistracted driving; 23 times! Considering it is that much of a liability for professional full time drivers, what are the increased odds of a young adult driving distracted? The results are frightening yet the trend continues, leaving all the more opportunities that others will need the assistance of a car accident attorney in Tulsa.

It’s common sense that if one drives without their eyes on the road and at least one hand off the wheel the chances of a disaster are ultimately too high, yet texting while driving isn’t the only offender. Using a cell phone while driving is just as dangerous and also requires averted eyes and hand movements, which is why more car manufacturers are starting to make voice activated and hands free calling through our devices in the newer vehicles. Still it isn’t just the cell phones, it can be people fussing with a GPS device, applying make up, messing with the audio sound system or CD’s, or even eating behind the wheel. All the activities take at least one hand to operate and some visual distraction to complete.

The attorneys at Benedict Law Office will see that an advanced and thorough investigation is conducted to see if the accident you were involved with distracted driving. Our investigators work in tandem with us to determine the actual facts as they occurred in your case in order to obtain for you the real mitigating factors involved in the accident.