Different types of plumbing repairs

Most households will require plumbing repair in Chicago for one of three reasons, all different.

  • Repairing a leak
  • Repairing a mechanical component such as a faucet or valve
  • Clearing the blockage of a plugged drain

Leaks can happen anywhere in the plumbing network and they can happen for a variety of different reasons. Mechanical repairs are needed when valves and faucets no longer function as intended and need repair or replacement and clogs occur in any drain and are self evident when the water no longer drains away from the clogged fixture, such as the sink or toilet.

A plumbing repair in Chicago will either be in the high pressure supply side or the waste water side of the system. The supply side consists of a network of pipes which emanate from a central supply point. The pipes can be copper or plastic; they are non-toxic and can carry the water pressure. The drains are larger in size and carry waste to the sewer system.

Many leaks in the supply side are caused by pipes freezing, swelling and bursting as a consequence. Leaks are also caused when the piping deteriorates or a joint failed. When the supply side develops a leak the water escapes under pressure and can easily inundate the area, causing a flood. A supply side leak requires immediate plumbing repair in Chicago.

Once the water supply has been cut, the supply side will be drained of water which makes the repair easier. The damaged section of pipe is removed and replaced. If the piping is copper, then the joints are soldered, if the pipes are plastic, the repair is made with a solvent which welds the material. Supply side leaks can be expensive to fix because much of the piping is hidden behind walls and under floors.

Although water is not escaping as a result of pressure, a clogged drain is every bit as important. Perhaps water will have overflowed and puddle on the floor, but with the potential of toxins in the waste water, the plumbing repair in Chicago is equally urgent.

Repairing a drain that is clogged can be as simple as eliminating the clog with a plunger or snake, it can also mean digging the drain up if the clog is tree roots or some other difficult material. The drains run under the house and garden before getting to the sewer, the break or clog can be difficult to locate and significant digging may be required.

The last form of plumbing repair in Chicago is a malfunction of a mechanical device. The issues can be simple, such as replacing a washer in a tap or more complicated where the mechanical apparatus that operates the flush toilet needs repair or replacement.

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