Different types of eyebrow piercings

There are three popular forms of eyebrow piercing; they are vertical, horizontal and spiral. In addition to these basic standards many people dream up unique piercings for themselves. The most popular however is a vertical piercing and there is a wide selection of eyebrow piercing jewelry available for them. Regardless of the style, one can look forward to about a two month healing period so it is important that the eyebrow piercing jewelry they first use is something they will be happy with while it heals. It is important that strict aftercare procedures be followed because if there is inadequate care given it can lead to infection which will only extend the healing time.

The most common spot for eye piercing is on the outer corner and the most popular style is vertical. The piercing takes place from the top ridge of the eyebrow to just below the lower edge. Once the piercing has been done, either manually or with a gun, the normal first piece of eyebrow piercing jewelry worn is a barbell. A barbell can be either straight or curved, small metal beads, with or without semi precious stones are on each end. One bead screws off to insert the jewelry through the piercing, it is then reinstalled.

Although vertical piercings are by far the most common there are those who opt for a horizontal piercing. In this case the piercing is done across the upper ridge of the eyebrow rather than going from top to bottom. Most jewelry worn for horizontal piercings is also of the barbell design.

A third type of piercing for eyebrows is called “spiral”. This requires a series of pricing’s along both the top ridge of the eyebrow and along the bottom of it. The piercings are located in such a way that a piece of spiral eyebrow piercing jewelry is used. This jewelry is wound through the holes. The most common number of holes is four on top and four on the bottom but as the jewelry comes in different lengths the number of holes can be more or less than four.

Regardless of what type of eyebrow piercing you opt for, it is important that the piercing is well looked after. With care, one can expect the piercing to be fully healed with two months. It may seem strange but there are some people who have on-going problems with their skin pushing out the jewelry, it may be possible to overcome this problem by visiting the person who did the initial piercing.

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