Different Teeth Whitening Products

Sometimes your joy is the source of a smile and at other times your smile is the source of joy. A beautiful smile has the power to brighten up a dull room, raise the spirit of a broken soul and bring warmth to a cold heart. We all strive and endeavor to have a breath-taking smile. For you in Springfield, one of the ways to achieve this is to undergo Teeth Whitening Springfield, VA.

The methods and procedures used for teeth whitening Springfield VA vary significantly from person to person. While others choose to go for natural methods such as brushing your teeth with lemon and baking soda, some people prefer the convenience and ease of buying and using over the counter products such as toothpastes, mouthwashes and whitening strips.

When looking to buy teeth whitening products, one needs to consider the level of peroxide contained in the product. Hydrogen peroxide is the element responsible for bleaching your enamel so that you can have brighter whiter teeth. The higher the levels of peroxide in a teeth whitening product, the stronger and more effective it is. Most of the products contain peroxide levels from 10% to 22%.

Another option for teeth whitening Springfield VA is in-office bleaching. Though this method may be considered more expensive than others, it is highly effective and one can achieve immediate results. In-office bleaching takes place in a dental office in Springfield and is fairly quick, taking no longer than an hour.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, over the counter teeth whitening trays or gels can be used to achieve the desired results. Although the trays are made in generic sizes and the results of the bleaching take much longer to manifest themselves, you can speed up this process by purchasing your teeth whitening trays from a dental office in Springfield.

The advantage of purchasing products from your dental office in Springfield is that the percentage of peroxide in the trays is much higher from your dental office than in generic shelved products, thereforeyou can see visible results much faster. The pinnacle of a person’s beauty is seen in their smile, achieve this today by getting Teeth whitening Springfield VA.

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