Different Hormones and How They Affect the Body

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Chiropractic

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There are so many different types of hormone treatment, all dependent upon what type of symptoms that someone is experiencing. There are also different beliefs and approaches dependent on what type of facility or physician is sought after. The human body is ‘supposed’ to be balanced when someone is in optimal health but hormonal imbalances are quite common, no one is perfect! The main hormones that generally have a great affect over how a body functions are:

Testosterone – Equally as important for males and females alike, testosterone can help increase strength, possibly brain function, as well as, muscle mass. Adverse effects of imbalanced testosterone levels may be:

* Increased risk for cardiovascular issues
* Increase in fat storage throughout the body
* Decrease in one’s sex drive

Estrogen – Typically known for being a female hormone, this hormone regulates a woman’s reproductive cycles. Adverse effects of imbalances may include:

* Decrease in sex drive (or increase)
* Muscle recovery (in relation to exercising)
* Brain health
* Impact levels of fat storage

Cortisol – This one here helps control energy levels in stressful times. Strictly being stress related this one controls fat storage levels, glucose level. Adverse effects of imbalances may lead to more serious chronic ailments such as:

* Diabetes and blood sugar imbalances
* Obesity and weight gain
* Gastrointestinal problems
* Cardiovascular disease
* Immune system suppression

Growth Hormone – made by the pituitary glands this hormone will help control overall muscle gain, mass and strength whilst decreasing body fat. Adverse effects may include:

*Anti-aging hormone

Insulin – this hormone is very important when it comes to one’s metabolism levels. Imbalances may lead to diabetes and other weight issues and may greatly affect one’s mood, overall demeanor.

Seeking Help

If anyone is experiencing imbalances of their hormones, they will need to seek out assistance from a physician and come up with a hormone treatment plan. The human body does change constantly, especially over time. When it comes to hormone treatment, one can change how a body is feeling due to making lifestyle changes in their diet and exercise regimen. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will change people’s overall health, increasing mind, body, and soul awareness.

When someone is perfectly in tuned with the way that their body functions and can tell when something is off, they will be the best judge in determining what needs to be readjusted. When seeking hormone treatment, it is imperative to find a physician that fits one’s specific needs and overall beliefs in what they think will be a hormone treatment plan that they can live with. To know more about hormone treatment visit Business Name. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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