Difference Between New York Opticians, Ophthalmologists, and Optometrists?

One of the most common questions for opticians is, “What is an Optician?” When it comes time to have your eyes checked, it may be a bit confusing deciding which professional you should see and when. Business Name wants to ensure you have the best eye care possible, and that first begins with the proper knowledge.


An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who has had several years of college and medical school. These doctors can handle all aspects of eye care, from diagnosing and treating diseases to performing surgery. Not all ophthalmologists will handle all services, but if you are having a serious eye-related illness or issue, you may be referred to one of these professionals for more detailed care.


An optometrist is what most people think of when they think of getting their eyes checked. An optometrist is not a medical doctor, but a doctor of optometry that has undergone at least three years of college plus additional optometry schooling. The main function of optometrists is to perform eye exams, detect some diseases or conditions, and prescribing corrective lenses and medications for the eye.


Opticians are trained professionals who specialize in the design and fitting of corrective eyewear and devices. They do not issue prescriptions or do eye exams, but Chelsea Opticians will be the ones that find the perfect frames or contact lenses for your life.

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