Did a Distracted Driver Send You to the ER? Call an Experienced Injury Law Firm in San Antonio, TX

Those long, straight Texas highways seem to have been designed for motorcycles. It’s great to be able to get on your bike and leave all your troubles behind for a little while. Unfortunately, bikers have to share the road with cars and trucks.

Distracted Drivers Injure Motorcyclists

Fatality rates for motorcyclists are 26 times higher than for anyone riding in a car. Distracted drivers who may claim they didn’t see the motorcycle are responsible for about two of every three accidents involving a biker and another vehicle. Typically, the driver will cut off the motorcyclist or otherwise violate the biker’s right of way. Intersections are especially dangerous. Far too many bikers have been left critically injured after a driver unexpectedly cut in front of them or hit the bike.

Overwhelming Medical Costs

Probably every injury law firm in San Antonio, TX has talked to more than one biker who is facing tremendous medical bills and time out of work after being hit by a car. Under Texas law, a biker doesn’t need to wear a helmet if they are at least 21 and have completed an approved training course or have a minimum of $10,000 in medical insurance.

Anyone who’s been to the hospital knows that $10,000 could be just a drop in an endless bucket. One visit to the emergency room can rack up charges well over $10,000 without even considering the costs of surgery and extended care. A motorcyclist who suffered severe brain or neck injuries could require long-term care, unable to resume their normal activities.

A biker who satisfies the requirements of Texas law can ride without a helmet. There are legitimate reasons for doing so. However, a good helmet does provide quite a bit of protection against brain trauma. According to Johns Hopkins, helmets also lower the risk of cervical spine injuries. More than one rider has commented that they wear helmets not because it could save their life (although it could), but because it could prevent such a severe injury that they were never able to ride again.

If a driver sent you to the ER after crashing into your motorcycle, an experienced lawyer at Martinez & Associates will fight for the compensation you need and deserve. This injury law firm in San Antonio, TX offers the experienced legal representation you need.

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