Debunking Misconceptions About a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City, Oklahoma

Bail is set for various crimes and, sometimes, specifically for an individual in regard to two primary aspects. One is to guarantee that a person charged with a crime shows up for his or her court dates. The other is to protect the community from a threat. In other words, a person considered to be a ongoing risk for violent or other unlawful behavior may not be allowed to post bail. Often, however, people charged with crimes are no threat to anyone but still have trouble obtaining their freedom before trial. They don’t have the money to pay bail. Fortunately, for a reasonable fee, a bail bond company in Midwest City Oklahoma can post a bond that allows this individual to leave jail and return to normal life.

People tend to have many misconceptions about the bail process and bail bonds. For instance, they may not realize that it’s acceptable for someone other than the arrested person to pay a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City Oklahoma for the service. Those who do understand this aspect may not realize they will be held responsible if the defendant skips town and doesn’t appear at trial. The service issues a bond in place of full cash bail, but that full bail amount now is demanded by the court. Thus, anyone who thinks about becoming involved in this type of arrangement for a relative or friend must consider all the potential pitfalls. This person will want to be absolutely certain the defendant is trustworthy.

Many people assume that bail has to be set by a judge, meaning that a person arrested on the weekend has to wait until Monday or later. Actually, a large number of offenses have a standard bail amount that can be paid at any time. The court does not want to clutter up the system with a judge having to set bail for each and every individual who is arrested. A person who wants to regain freedom outside of regular business hours, but does not have enough cash to pay bail, may contact an organization such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds for assistance.

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