Dating Services Offer an Outlet for Religious Believers

by | Jan 30, 2012 | Lifestyle And Relationships

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It’s said that dating has never been easier. The number of single and never-married people in the world is the largest it’s ever been, there are more ways to meet people than ever before, and in a culture where just about everything can be tailored to individual taste, the options for dating are virtually endless. But for Christian singles in Orlando, the reality can be somewhat different. If religion plays a significant role for them, when it comes to finding true love, unmarried believers may face a hard time.

The mainstream perception of Christianity is that it’s a religion based on rules. The most well-known, of course, is that sex outside of marriage is not an option because it displeases God. For a significant percentage of the population, that greatly diminishes the appeal of dating an observant believer. When it comes to dating, many Christian singles in Orlando find their options are limited to finding an individual who shares their beliefs (or who is at least willing to respect them) or compromising their principles. Some who choose the latter path still wind up in stable, happy relationships, but many do not. Many others aren’t willing to forgo deeply held religious convictions for the sake of dating or marriage. These Christian singles may be tempted to despair of finding a mate. But they needn’t: Dating services and online matchmakers offer a reliable, proven method for seeking out compatible mates.

For the religiously conscientious, the advantages of dating or matchmaking services are numerous. These services take some care to profile every potential client’s unique character, including personality traits, interests, and especially values and beliefs. Like profiles are then matched, ensuring that even if two matches don’t share a faith, their most deeply held values will not conflict. So, many Christian singles turn to dating services as a way of meeting other people who will honor and acknowledge their religious convictions. They are also prevented from stumbling into a dating situation with someone whose values conflict with their own – a source of frustration and possibly heartache for both parties.

Once considered the refuge of the desperate, dating services have exploded in popularity with the arrival of the online matchmaking site. They’re now the third-biggest avenue for meeting a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. For Christian singles in Orlando looking to meet or wed someone who shares their values, the dating service offers a welcome opportunity.

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