Damages Your Injury Lawyer Essex May Seek

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you may be under the impression you will be rewarded for your medical expenses and your pain and suffering only. In fact, an Injury Lawyer Essex will work to ensure you are compensated in many other areas. Here are the types of damages he or she will pursue. The more your injury lawyer Essex is able to secure in compensatory and punitive damages, the less stress will be placed on you and your family during your recovery.

Compensatory damages help the injured recover financially, emotionally and physically after an injury of any type. These damages come in two types: monetary and non-monetary. Monetary damages cover medical expenses, the cost of living with your injuries, property replacement or repair, funeral expenses and/or lost wages. Damages of this type may cover home renovations arising from medical injuries or future medical expenses such as rehabilitation. Non-monetary damages compensate the injured for pain and suffering and loss of consortium. Pain and suffering may be of the physical or emotional types. The lawyer addresses all when calculating the amount of compensation to request.

Punitive damages are used to punish the person responsible for the accident or injury. The goal of this type of damages is to discourage others from engaging in the same type of behavior as they will see what the consequences may be. Damages of this type are normally awarded when the behavior of the party responsible for the accident or injury was outrageous or egregious. Punitive damages aren’t awarded in all cases and will only be considered in those cases in which compensatory damages have been ordered. Many courts tend to limit the amount of punitive damages based on the compensatory damages awarded.

As these damages can result in a very high award, you may be given a structured settlement as an alternative to a lump sum payment. These settlements pay out over a period of time and offer many benefits to the injured party. Speak to personal injury lawyer Essex to determine if this option is right for you as many feel it increases the likelihood of actually receiving the money deserved. Don’t take this on yourself as attorneys know how to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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