Custom Engagements Rings Wholesale

Engagement Rings can be expensive, but don’t necessarily have to be. The standard recommendation for an engagement ring price is the equivalent of two months salary at your job. Most jewellers will give you that figure as a place to start and, hopefully, be able to sell you something at a higher price than that. Most people in this economy are trying to pay the bills and put a little money away for emergencies. Two months salary is a lot of money and that can go to other things, like paying for a wedding, for example. If you shop well, you can get a high quality engagement ring for much less money than you might expect.

You should check out larger jewellery stores first because the volume business they do allows them to charge lower prices that smaller stores. If there is not a large store near you, find a place that has a lay-away plan available or offers financing. That will help make the purchase a little more budget friendly. Be careful about financing, though, make sure you are not paying a high rate or going way over budget. That will not save you any money at all. Another option is to find a store that also buys jewellery and gold or silver. That type of store has many options for you and you can get Engagement Rings at a lower price. Some stores, like Platinum and Gold Jewellery, for example, sells jewellery at whole sale prices. They can do this because the combination of selling and buying jewellery creates more volume business.

An engagement ring is a personal item and you may ant to have one customized. That can be done within your budget because you have control over most of the cost. You pick out the diamond or gem of your choice in the cut your prefer. You can choose from a large selection, so you can find a size and style that you like that suits your price range. You also pick out the setting, which helps you control the final cost of the ring. You can get high quality without the high price tag. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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