Custom and Performance Wheels in Tulsa

Many may not realize it, but your car’s performance has a lot to do with its wheels and tires. When you drive on worn out tires, you feel every bump in the road. The performance is compromised because your tires and wheels are not equally matched. You are also exposing yourself to an unsafe drive if the threads on your tires are gone. In bad weather where gripping can be a lifesaver, your best bet is to invest in new tires and wheels and drive down the road with confidence. New wheels and well repaired tires can handle the performance and terrain of the road, which is what you want and look for in your driving experience. There are many tires and services available, so make sure you contact Tate Boys Tire and Service for your tire and Wheels in Tulsa needs.

A nice set of rims on your car elevates it to the next level. Your Wheels in Tulsa will compliment your tires and create a better driving experience. They have a huge selection of wheels to choose from so you are sure to drive away satisfied. Many upgrade their car wheels for looks, but it is important that you invest in wheels that will be good for your car’s performance. They have a team of experts who will ensure that your wheels look great and ride even better. Their ASE certified mechanics are experienced in advising you on wheel style and configuration. If you need a new set of custom wheels, this 25 year old company can handle all your rim needs.

Performance and safety describes good tires, but it describes good wheels too. Many do not know the type of wheels they need on their car. Customers get excited about a great looking wheel; they are unaware of safety and performance features to look for. With an experienced mechanic, they will guide you in the purchasing process to make sure you get wheels that are right for your vehicle. They can tell you what wheels to invest in based on your current driving tendencies. They recommend alloy wheels for mostly stop and go traffic or larger wheels to improve performance in steering. This insight and more is provided to each customer to ensure the purchase of your new wheels not only gives you a great look, but performance satisfaction too.

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