Countertop in Wausau WI Polishing – What You Need To Know

Does your granite countertop look dull and faded? Perhaps you have tried to clean it with a strong over the counter cleanser but got poor results. Granite counter tops add a wonderful feeling to any house, however like all other things they need to be maintained regularly. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the home and it is extremely important to maintain a clean and hygienic eating surface. Granite countertops are costly, thus it is vital that you take good care of it. Even though granite is an extremely hard stone which does not scratch easily, your countertop in Wausau WI can easily be damaged by hard water stains.

Contaminants, water and detergents can dull the stone overtime. When this happens, your granite countertop will be deflecting light rather than reflecting it. The majority of local water supplies contain large quantities of minerals and salts. These minerals buildup around your faucet and sink and are referred to as efflorescence. You probably already know that this buildup is difficult to remove and usually worsens over time. Food grease is another thing that can cause serious damage to your granite countertop. Food grease attracts soil to the stone as well as to the grout lines. Oftentimes, over the counter cleansing agents do more damage than good.

Happily, you can get rid of all of these buildups by polishing your granite countertop in Wausau WI. Aside from removing mineral and hard water deposits, polishing also revitalizes as well as protects the stone whilst enhancing the natural color and reflectivity of the stone. This helps to minimize the appearance of finger prints and maintain a hygienic eating surface. In addition, polishing brings out colors which were not evident before.

Additionally, sealing your granite countertop regularly helps to protect it as well as keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. A good granite sealant will leave no residue behind. Sealants are designed to absorb completely into the stone. The right sealant can help repel water and oil based stains. Also, they are designed in such a way that they can wear off after some time, thus allowing for an appropriate cleaning as well as reapplication. If you are considering redoing your kitchen or bathroom countertops, Stone Innovations has all the materials you need for your project.

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