Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Trumbull CT Whiten Teeth in Only 20 Minutes

Even healthy teeth can be yellow and stained. If a person smokes or drinks a lot of coffee, these habits can quickly discolor tooth enamel. Sometimes, yellow teeth are just part of the normal aging process. In just the recent past, patients had to choose between a lengthy office visit or weeks of using at-home bleaching trays to whiten their teeth. The innovative Sensational Smile technique has combined these popular cosmetic dental treatments in Trumbull CT. People can now visit their dentist for a 20-minute whitening treatment.

A very comfortable silicone tray is pre-filled with an effective whitening gel. The tray is then snugly fitted around the teeth. The tray is designed to allow the patient to relax their jaw during the process. This ensures they stay comfortable throughout the treatment. Once the tray is in place, the dentist points an LED light at the patient’s teeth. The light activates the whitening gel in the tray.

After 20 minutes, the tray is removed. Patients can expect to see their teeth up to five shades whiter. During the 24 hours immediately following the procedure, the teeth will rehydrate. This makes them susceptible to either becoming lighter or darker. Therefore, the dentist will give the patient a whitening pen to use that night. The dentist will also ask the patient not to drink coffee or eat heavily pigmented foods such as blueberry pie.

Continued use of the pen will keep the patient’s teeth as white as possible. The dentist will also instruct the patient on proper cleaning and flossing techniques. Patients who want the brightest possible teeth can repeat this treatment every three months. This whitening treatment is appropriate for most adults. It is not suitable for children who are younger than 14 years of age because their teeth are still forming. It will not whiten dental crowns or resin fillings. Teeth that are gray due to illness or medications will not respond to chemical whitening methods. There are other Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Trumbull CT, such as porcelain veneers, that can whiten these teeth.

Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the dental offices providing the Sensational Smile treatment. Patients can contact them to set up an appointment to see if it’s right for them.

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