Contact A Plumbing Service In Tucson for Maintenance or Repairs

Plumbing is not something an amateur should attempt to do. There are special tools used to safely cut pipes and seal leaks around fittings, and each takes a special skill. If you do not properly connect water lines, they will continue to leak. In addition, if you don’t vent drains properly, you could end up with gases in the home that could harm you and your family.

1) There are various signs you have a water leak problem. Some of the signs are:

2) Very high water bills

3) Hearing water running water when no one is using the water

4) Musty odors coming from the floors or walls

Mildew on your walls, floors or ceilings

If you see have any of these issues or if you see a water pipe spraying or dripping water, contact a plumbing service in Tucson area. They handle these types of issues as well as sewer leaks in your home or yard. A Plumbing Service can also fix gas leaks. Gas leaks in your home or yard are very dangerous. If you smell a rotten egg odor or have an excessively high gas bill, call a plumber immediately. They have specialized video equipment to inspect and detect leaks throughout the system.

A Plumbing Service in Tucson should be called if you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. It is important with a kitchen or bath that the water or drain lines are the correct size. It is also important that the bathroom lines are vented with a large enough pipe to remove the gases from the waste system. Only a trained plumber will know how to perform this type of work correctly. This type of home improvement shouldn’t be a DIY project.

Replacing a hot water tank should also be left up to a professional. Gas hot water tanks need to be connected and vented properly to keep you and your family safe. Leaking gas could make your home explode, and carbon monoxide fumes could make you and your family sick. Don’t try to do any type of plumbing project yourself. Call a professional so you eliminate water damage or harmful gases destroying your home or your health.

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