Consult with Car Accident Lawyers in Oro Valley

Few people anticipate getting into a car accident on their way to work or coming home from a day of shopping. Often car accidents occur right in your own neighborhood as you handle your daily routine. Typically the victims of a car accident are rushed to the emergency room for a medical exam to see if they were injured and determine the extent of their injuries. If you get into a car crash, try to take photos at the scene of the accident before you go the the emergency room. Once you seek immediate medical attention, consult with Car Accident Lawyers in Oro Valley to see if you have a case. Never make statements to anyone, including the insurance companies, until you speak to an attorney.

Car Accident Lawyers in Oro Valley usually conduct a free consultation with prospective clients. It costs nothing to find out if you have a case. The lawyer will take care of all the details for you such as making statements and filing paperwork. You just need to share all the details of the accident with your attorney and keep accurate records of your medical treatment. Often the lawyer requests additional medical records to help support your case. Treating with physicians is the only way you can prove you were hurt in the accident. It is important to make necessary medical appointments to get better and prove the nature of your injuries. Your attorney might even be able to help you get a portion of your lost wages as well as money to repair or replace your vehicle.

Trying to represent yourself often results in disappointment. The insurance companies may try to settle the case for a fraction of its value. An attorney knows how much your case is worth and works hard to negotiate the highest possible settlement. If the case does not settle, the attorney will represent you in court. Most attorneys do not charge a fee until the case is settled. If you were hurt in a car accident, visit us website today to find out more about what an attorney can do for you.

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