Considering Tile Patterns for Your Kitchen And Bathroom

If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom overhaul, choosing the right tile is one of the most important decisions you can make. The color and shape of the tile that you pick for your Salt Lake City home’s tile installation will create the basis of the entire room’s tone, so keep an open mind and decide carefully! More than just the color, size, and shape, you’ll also want to keep tile patterns in mind.

  1. The ordinary grid pattern, also called the “straight lay” pattern, is the simplest orientation of all. While it can appear plainer than others, it works well with particularly large pieces of tile. Plus, don’t give up on it right away just because it seems boring! Turning tiles on their side in this pattern can make it seem a bit more exciting by creating a grid of diamonds.

  2. Offset patterns provide some variation to the straight lay pattern by offsetting the edge of a new tile by one-half, one-third, or one-fourth of the width of the tile above or below.

  3. The herringbone pattern is one more visually dynamic tile patterns, where tiles are arranged in the shape of a “V” at alternating 45-degree angles.

  4. A cobblestone tile pattern offers your kitchen or bathroom a more traditional look. Utilizing tiles of two different sizes, it can be a more difficult pattern to install – this won’t be a problem if you are pursuing professional tile installation by a Salt Lake City design company!

Remember, you don’t have to make the decision alone. If you’re finding it difficult to decide between two, three, or even four different tile designs, ask tile installation experts like those at Utah Flooring & Design in Salt Lake City who can explain the pros and cons of your options and provide a professional opinion.

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