Considering Different Designs for Headstones in CT

Part of making burial arrangements in advance includes the selection of a headstone for the grave. This can often be confusing for some people, once they see just how many different types of stones are on the market today. Here are some tips that will help to narrow the range of choices and ultimately settle on something that is appropriate.

Consult with the Cemetery OwnersOne factor that many people are not aware of is the need to only consider Headstones in CT that meet the standards set by the cemetery where the burial will take place. This is true whether the cemetery is owned by a municipality, a private organization, or by a religious organization. Most cemeteries have specific guidelines that have to do with the length, width, and height of any type of headstone or marker. Obtaining a copy of those standards in advance will make it much easier to focus on designs that will be considered acceptable. Choose the Right MaterialA headstone can be made from several different types of materials.

These include choices like granite, concrete, and marble. Make a choice based on personal preferences, but do keep the cost in mind. The goal is to choose something that is likely to wear well as the years pass, ensuring that anyone who visits the grave can read the inscriptions clearly. Selecting InscriptionsMost headstones will include at least a minimum of information, such as the name of the deceased, and the birth and death dates. Along with these elements, it is also possible to include something else that provides more insight into what mattered to that person.

For example, a quote from a favorite book, a passage from a poem, or maybe even a verse of scripture would be appropriate. By choosing to purchase the headstone in advance, it is possible to consider different options without having to rush into any type of decision. The experts at Shelley Brothers Monuments can help customers by providing examples of different kinds of stones, and even some suggestions of how to include different features and elements. Once a design is settled on, authorize the construction and placing of the stone, pay for it in advance, and ensure that those who are left behind have one less decision to make.

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