Consider Epoxy Flooring For Your Industrial or Manufacturing Business

The right floor coatings are an important component in industrial and manufacturing processes. When they’re applied to a concrete floor surface, floor coatings can protect the floor surface from water or chemical damage as well as offering a highly glossy surface that stays attractive for months or even years. Some more common floor coatings include Epoxy Flooring, Acrylic Flooring and Urethane Flooring. These and similar floor coatings from Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation meet a number of government regulations, including those of the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Epoxy floor coatings offer a number of benefits that you’ll appreciate when you need a floor that will stand up to well to the kind of hard wear demanded of manufacturing or industrial flooring. Some of the coating’s characteristics include its ease of installation and its durability. Epoxy coating is also easy to clean. In industrial or manufacturing situations, simple application and maintenance are invaluable attributes.

You may want to consider applying an epoxy floor coating for several other reasons. The coating provides a slip-resistant and a fire-resistant surface for almost any manufacturing or industrial situation. In cases where chemicals are often used, an epoxy floor coating provides chemical resistance as well. The protective surface uses components that are environmentally friendly as well. An even more important benefit is the coating’s protective characteristics that not only help keep the concrete floor in good condition but also reduce wear on the equipment your company uses, such as forklifts or other equipment that moves materials.

One of the biggest advantages of epoxy floor coating is its cost effectiveness. The coating can generally be put down in one quick and easy application instead requiring several coats as some other floor coverings do. Seamless application eliminates the need for grout, which can be a problem area that provides an environment for dirt accumulation and bacteria growth. Once the coating is applied, it can often last for years without requiring frequent replacement and very little maintenance. If your industrial or manufacturing company needs a durable and reliable floor solution, call on Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to determine whether Epoxy Flooring is the right choice for you.



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