Concentration Tips to help improve your Contemplative Meditation

If you are using contemplative meditation there are a few tips you can use to help improve your concentration for a more effective experience. Here are a few ideas you can use throughout your day:

  • Everyday Tasks: You can take advantage of time spent doing everyday tasks such as showering and brushing your teeth to challenge your concentration skills. Instead of simply going through the motions concentrate on each aspect of the chore such as the water trickling down your body, the sensations of washing your hair the relaxation of your body in the warm water. When brushing your teeth concentrate on the brushing up and down and focus completely on what you are doing to improve your skills of concentration. Try this washing the dishes, making dinner or during your workout and whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Listen: Whether you are on the bus, walking the dog or sitting at your desk focus on listening to the sounds around you. You can then try to focus on one sound such as a co-worker tapping on their keyboard, someone talking on the bus or the sounds of the traffic. You will feel a sense of mesmerisation come over you and it will help you to remain focused while blocking out distractions which will improve your contemplative meditation skills.
  • Writing: Journaling is a good way to release negative emotions, but even the act of handwriting can assist in strengthening your concentration skills. Take time each day to try writing out words, affirmations, or even just concentrating on watching the flow of a pencil or pen on paper to help you hone your concentration skills. Feel yourself relax to the rhythm of your mind and hand falling into synch with each other and listen to the sound of the pen on the paper. It will be very soothing and help you become relaxed and focused.
  • Smile Often: They say that just by smiling you will feel better. Try to keep a smile on your face to help you feel a sense of happiness and calm. Whenever you feel yourself frowning, smile again. This will assist you in being more self aware and improve your ability to use contemplative meditation more effectively. Keeping a smile on your face while meditating can help instil happiness in your heart and provide a happier state of mind.

These few tips can help improve concentration and take advantage of waking moments in a more mindful manner.