Comprehensive Eye Care Solutions—“Deluxe” Only, Please

Sometimes the word “comprehensive” is used to describe a wide range of products or services—implying that a business may be a “generalist” in its industry, a business with particular offerings to clients that are many and varied. Used to characterize the inventory of a grocery store, the brands and types of mattresses a company sells, or the amenities offered by a day spa, the word “comprehensive” most often suggests “a lot of items or services from which to choose.”

Only “Deluxe” Care Will Do For Your Eyes

For other industries, “comprehensive” connotes more than “a lot of” in order to earn the trust, respect and business of potential clients. For example, when people look for a comprehensive eye care provider, they don’t just want an eye care business that offers many different services.

Unlike clients who choose between a “regular” and a “deluxe” pedicure at the local spa, those who seek care for their eyes want qualified, experienced specialists for all of their eye health and vision needs, including emergency eye care, adult medical and surgical eye care, regular eye exams, cosmetic procedures, and pediatric eye care. Grand Rapids, fortunately, has a group of eye care professionals who understand that only “deluxe” care by experts will do when it comes to our eyes!

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology is a comprehensive practice offering only the most advanced eye care services and technologies available. In business since 1982, delivering “deluxe” optical, medical, surgical and emergency eye care, Grand Rapids Ophthalmology provides convenient access to experienced specialists, including twelve ophthalmologists and ten optometrists throughout western Michigan.

“Deluxe” Care at Home, Work and Play Is Essential, Too

For the most comprehensive eye care plan, it’s important to protect and maximize your vision at home, in your work environment and during leisure activities, as well. Follow these suggestions for personal “deluxe” eye care:

 * Wash your hands before inserting contacts or otherwise touching your eyes.
 * Avoid sharing eye drops or eye make-up with others.
 * Avoid rubbing, scratching or pulling the skin around your eyes.
 * Wear protective eye wear when using power tools or striking tools or when working with chemicals.
 * Wear protective eye wear when participating in sports that require small balls (e.g. handballs, baseballs, racquetballs) or other items that travel at high rates of speed (e.g. hockey pucks)
 * Wear sunglasses with UV protection.
 * Avoid over-wearing contacts.
 * Get regular eye exams and follow your eye care professional’s instructions.
 * Contact an eye care expert immediately if you note any unusual eye sensations or changes in your vision or if you suffer an injury to your eye.

For those in western Michigan, remember that Grand Rapids Ophthalmology offers a single reference point for the full spectrum of eye-and vision-related services, including:

 * Eye Exams
 * Cataract Surgery
 * Emergency Eye Care
 * Glaucoma Surgery
 * Laser Vision Correction
 * Contact Lenses
 * Glasses
 * Retina Surgery
 * Corneal Surgery
 * Pediatric Eye Care

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