Completely Restoring the Sense of Hearing with an Audiologist in Knoxville, TN

Hearing loss can have a significant impact on quality of life. Besides creating a barrier in communication on a large scale, hearing loss can progress into other health problems. One of which is losing the sound of mind. Dementia is linked to hearing loss because the ears hear with the brain. The parts of the ear go through a process to enable sound to reach the brain. Two major parts, the cochlea, and auditory nerve are responsible for sound waves and sending sensory nerve signals to the brain. Usually one or more parts of the ear anatomy is not working properly when hearing loss occurs. The serious mental health condition of dementia develops with cognitive decline. Social isolation is attributable to dementia too. It’s believed that the ability to hear is directly associated with cognition. Untreated hearing loss can pull the plug on that connection.

An Audiologist in Knoxville TN should be seen as soon as a person comes to the realization that hearing loss is happening. They administer hearing tests that reveal how hearing loss is affecting a person. Sometimes a person can be struggling with hearing just from excessive wax build up. A hearing evaluation will uncover the cause of hearing loss. A hearing aid that really returns hearing back to normal is key in preventing the health risks associated with impaired hearing.

Hearing aid devices come in a variety of styles with customizable features. The technical features of hearing aids is currently growing. There are hearing aids that have adaptive properties. These adaptive elements in hearing aids sense which direction the primary source of sound is coming from. It cancels out other sounds and emphasizes on the sounds that need to be heard. It zeros in on sounds coming from the left, right, in front of and behind the person. No details are missed with this kind of technology. An audiologist in Knoxville TN does not end services after fitting a patient with the right hearing device. Services for repairs, adjustments, and replacements are always available. Most insurance companies cover at least part of the cost of hearing aid products and warranties cover the cost of lost or broken devices. Schedule an appointment with Audiolife Hearing.

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