Common Types of Business Insurance in Bethlehem, PA

by | May 5, 2014 | Insurance

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Business insurance refers to a number of insurance policies that business owners can take to secure their businesses. Today, there are very many different kinds of business insurance options that you can take. As a business owner, the following guidelines can help you choose the right business insurance in Bethlehem, PA.

* Property insurance is vital in covering your business premises and their contents. Other than just your property, this form of insurance can take care of other people’s property that may be within your care and it can be specific or general. Whether the business premises are leased, rented or owned, this insurance is essential for your survival.

* Liability insurance is another common form of insurance that you need for your business especially if you have employees helping you. A number of people have to go through legal battles that come about due to negligence. With liability insurance, you are able to protect your business against potential lawsuits resulting from negligence. Liability insurance can be general, professional or taken for specific products.

* Many business owners worry about losing their source of income when the business shuts down. To ensure that lack of business does not affect their day to day activities, they have to get business income insurance to take care of such times. Based on the premiums that you pay, your full monthly income can be taken care of by the insurance coverage.

* Car insurance for your personal vehicles is not part of your business insurance coverage. Therefore, you need to have commercial auto insurance for your business vehicles to protect them against collisions and any accidents. Other than your vehicles, any damage on other people’s vehicles caused by your drivers are also taken care of by this type of business insurance in Bethlehem, PA.

* Workers compensation insurance insures your employees against injuries sustained while on duty. If you have workers’ compensation, you will be able to avoid being sued by your employees by providing settlement for their injuries. This insurance coverage takes care of both medical expenses and damages. Apart from workers’ compensation, you could also take health insurance for yourself and your employees

* Life and disability insurance can also be very essential for any business owner especially if he or she is involved in a partnership.

Regardless of the business that you run, having these different insurance policies can be the key to your success.

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