Common Benefits of Applying For Social Security in Northport

Every person that is working needs to start worrying about their life after retirement or in case they get injured and disabled. Social security is meant to assist those who are disabled, survivors and seniors in the society. The program is designed to assist people move on with life after say retirement and avoid difficulties like poverty and poor health. Most of the welfare funds go to retirement benefits. Everyone should therefore consider applying for Social Security in Northport because of its many benefits. Below are a few of these benefits.

Spousal benefits

Married couples can apply for the fund even if only one of them is working. However, this has a limitation; the working spouse must first apply for the fund before the jobless partner can submit his or her application. Most married couples are not aware of this and have ended up relaying on the benefits of the working partner only. Those who are divorced and are jobless can still apply as long as the marriage lasted a stipulated period by the law, which is commonly ten years. However, the funds may reduce if a spouse is receiving some government pensions that exempted him or her from paying the welfare contributions.

Delayed disbursement

If the periodic disbursement of funds is delayed for a certain period, the member is entitled to a percentage increase to the normal amount. If this is not granted, one can hire a professional lawyer who is highly experienced in such matters. This lawyer will help you figure out the reason behind the delay and get you the extra amount.

Dependants’ benefits

Children of a retired, deceased or disabled worker are also entitled to the benefits as a survivor if they are not adults; their age is below 18 years or is still in grade school. A person who got disabled before the stipulated age by law, commonly 22 years, is also eligible for benefits. A lawyer will help you apply for the benefits on behalf of your child.

The welfare benefits are not limited to the hints given above. Click here to find additional information on how to apply Social Security in Northport and to hire a legal representative. These lawyers offer consultation, court representation, and litigation on bankruptcy, personal injury and many other legal issues.

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