Common Ailments Requiring Orthopaedic Surgery in Montrose, Colorado

With so many people suffering from bone and joint ailments, the field of orthopaedics is expanding. Many people are sent to orthopaedic surgeons or specialists by their employers for rehabilitative therapy. A specialist that performs orthopaedic surgery in Montrose and Gunnison, Colorado has diagnosed and treated many problems concerning bones and joints. The most common complaints treated are elbows, knees, hips, shoulders, wrist and the spine. Here is a detailed list of these common bone and joint issues that were treated.

  • Tennis elbow, along with wrist complications (carpal tunnel syndrome) are constant problems for which people are sent to the orthopaedic surgeon. The former can come from those who play tennis (hence its name). Basically, it is just a condition that comes from the repetitive motion that puts pressure on the elbows. Consequently, those whose occupation require such repeating motion with the elbow will have this type of problem. The same thing applies to those whose jobs require them to constantly repeat motions of the wrist.
  • Arthritis is a constant problem that often ends up with the sufferer seeing an orthopaedic surgeon. Sufferers often experience the condition in their knees, hips, and shoulders. Sometimes, the joints of the digits (toes and fingers) cause arthritic complications as well.
  • Back trouble is perhaps the most common ailment treated by orthopaedic surgeons. It is one of those areas in which people find the least relief. By the time the sufferer comes to an orthopaedic specialist, other methods have been tried and have failed. Because the spine is so sensitive and delicate, great caution must be taken in the rehabilitative methods, and surgical techniques applied.

These ailments and other similar conditions lead sufferers to seeking orthopaedic treatment and surgery. Chamberland Orthopaedics in the Gunnison and Montrose, Colorado areas has been providing bone and joint treatment for many years. The doctor has treated all related ailments, such as joint replacement, torn ligaments, sports medicine, broken bones and arthritis. Patients can be assured of state-of-the-art equipment and services. If you need more information about Orthopaedic Surgery in Montrose and Gunnison, Colorado, you can get it at the website of Chamberland Orthopaedics. Visit Dr. Chamberland at

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