Choosing the Right Smoke Detectors, Make Sure You Get the Best

Whether you’re fearful or just want to be proactive, smoke detectors are essential. They alert you to the fact that there is smoke because it likely means there is a fire somewhere onsite. Choosing the best product ensures that you get peace of mind because it works when you need it.


Smoke detectors come in two primary styles, including photoelectric and ionization options. Ionization versions detect invisible particles, such as those from fast flames and detect sooner than the photoelectric. The photoelectric alarm detects only visible particles, such as those with slow or smoldering fires. You can also find products that incorporate both features, allowing you to be more prepared in any situation. These may be best for you, though they are more expensive.

How Many

The next step is to ensure that you have enough of the alarms for your home. Most homes cannot be considered safe with just one alarm. Make sure you have one on each floor. If your home is large, you may want one on each end of the house. Likewise, you need to have one alarm in each sleeping area. That can include the living room or home office if you ever find yourself sleeping on the couch or in your chair.


Each device should have a way to test it, allowing you to hear the sounds. Make sure it is in an easy-to-locate spot, especially if you install yours on the ceiling, which is usually recommended. If your alarm is battery-operated or has battery backup, you should replace the batteries every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer.

The best quality smoke detectors save lives and should be installed in every home. Visit First Alert to see which one is best for you.

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