Choosing The Best Wedding Reception Venue In Atlanta, GA

Can you imagine having a wedding reception in a place that used to be an opera hall? A lot of couples are choosing to use event facilities, rather than more traditional venues. Once upon a time, people had wedding receptions at home, or at a church. Now, couples opt for something very unique. Price is one of the top considerations when selecting a venue. Event sites can cost several thousand dollars.

If you’re visiting Wedding reception venues Atlanta GA, consider Opera. Opera is in a historical part of Atlanta, known as Midtown. The mansion is also known as the Wimbish House. In 1920, the venue addition was built onto the mansion. The addition was used for dinners, operas and live theater. Since that time, Opera has been used as a theater, nightclub and venue center. Event planning can be a major task for many people. However, the staff at Opera lessens your load by taking care of everything.

Opera’s planners give couples a choice between an elaborate event, or something more casual. There are three different party areas:

1. the opulent Opera House
2. the European-styled Venetian Room
3. the casual, classy, Cabana (outside in an area with a fountain)

Sticking to the budget makes event planning easier. Couples should ask about different pricing arrangements for an event, and whether any services are complimentary. A generous payment plan helps couples afford the venue. Next, assess the condition of the venue. Ask yourself, would your guests be comfortable. There should be sufficient lighting and, plenty of restrooms for the guests. Also, make sure the venue has any equipment, that is needed.

Opera has outstanding caterers and bar staff. They want to provide couples with the event of a lifetime. The caterers give guests a choice of fresh vegetable dishes, choice meats, indulgent desserts and ice sculptures. The facility is available for other private events in Atlanta GA, such as proms, bar mitzvahs and corporate events. Visit Opera for a private tour of a top Wedding reception venues Atlanta GA. Your wedding and reception should be affairs to remember. The staff at Opera is ready to help on this special day.